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A few reasons of why it makes sense to go Solar today!


 Produce clean Solar Energy

Coal and Nuclear Power are dirty forms of energy. Air polution and radiation are the by products of using dirty energy (conventional way of generating electricity) By going Solar you choose to create green, renewable energy

 No Money Upfront and Save

With our $0 Down and Free installation plan. Anyone with a credit score of 680 and a good roof can go Solar and save. Talk to our Solar Consultant today and see if your home is right for Solar.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels produce energy even when you are not using it. The excess energy generated goes back to the grid. This makes your meter run backwards, we call this net-metering.

 Solar Energy

Did you know utility industry has created a monopoly and there are no alternatives to get cheaper electric rates? This is all changing now as Solar Energy costs much less than what you currently pay. So what’s holding you back from saving money?

 Lock in a low energy rate

We give you an option to lock in a low energy rate. Where else can you get that? Do you know that utility companies raise their rates at an average rate of 5% a year? This is another reason to go Solar today.

 Solar Power

Solar Power produces; green, renewable energy. You get to have your rate locked in, save money, help the environment and generations to come. Many home owners and big companies such as Google, Apple, Wal-Mart have already gone solar. So tell us, when is the best time to save money and go green?

Why should I go Solar?

Until Solar Power was introduced, home owners had no alternative way to lower their electricity bill and find a utility company that offers a lower rate than what they pay right now. Utility industry is a monopoly, as you have no choice but who you are allowed to work with. With Solar Energy being accessible to everyone now, customers finally have a solution to lower their electric bill. Home owners are now able to go Solar and lower their electricity bill. Not only do customers lower their electricity bill but they are able to generate clean, green, renewable energy. Solar Power holds the key to the future of reducing our carbon footprint, lowering our energy cost, and creating a better future for our kids.

Tell me more about going Solar for $0 down and $0 installation cost

8 out of 10 Americans go Solar by taking advantage of the $0 down. With the $0 down plan, you are able to go Solar, produce green energy and lower your electricity bill. If you have a great spacious roof and little to no shading, your house is perfect for Solar. At this point you are thinking how does it work? Right now you are paying a high rate to your electricity company. When you go Solar you generate electricity at a much lower cost than what you pay right now. For example, customers that pay $200 a month for electricity can lower their bill by $30-$100. Solar Power allows us to save money on electricity bills and produce green energy. Solar is the future for our kids and generations to come, we invite you to start your journey on saving and creating a better future today.

The best way to find out if your home qualifies for Solar is to ask yourself these 2 questions:

Do I have any trees surrounding my house that bring shade to the roof?If the answer is no, this means that your roof gets plenty of sunlight every day without any shade restriction.How is my roof shaped?The preferred roof for a Solar system is one that has little to no angles, a simple roof is preferred. Speak to our Solar consultant to schedule an on-site visit..

What our customers are saying about us

George DeLorenzi
“My neighbor has gone Solar and I wanted to do so as well. I managed to lower my bill by $80 a month. My grand kids are now happy that I am...
George DeLorenzi
Sacramento, California.
Mark Okowski
“I enjoyed working with Home Solar and their partner Solar City on this project. They installed everything for free and my roof looks better...
Mark Okowski
Newtown, Connecticut.
Martha Robertson
” Ever since I have gone Solar, my electric bill has been a lot lower and I am typically saving 30% or more every month. It gives me a peace...
Martha Robertson
Denver, Colorado.

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