• Solar Panels are made out of solar cells. When the sun hits the panels, solar cells in particular. Electrons start to move around which produce electricity for your home.
  • After the sun’s rays hit the Solar Cells, the energy that is generated is called (DC) Direct Current. Direct current power is sent to the inverter box which converts the power from DC to AC.
  • After the power is converted from DC to AC it travels to the breaker box which then distributes electricity all over the house to power appliances, tv and computers.

  • Extra energy that is not used is sent back to the grid, which is a method we call net-metering. Yes, this is when your meter rolls backwards and you get credits from your utility company for energy that you produced.

  • The energy that comes from the utility grid will be measured by your utility meter. You will be using a lot less electricity from the grid as most of your power will come from Solar Power.

  • Solar Panels will often produce excess energy in the day time. The excess energy will be sent back to the grid and your meter will roll back wards (net-metering.) When this happens you get credit for the extra energy you sent back to the grid.

Top 3 reasons to go Solar today

  1. Save money on electricity
  2. Produce green, clean energy
  3. Create a better future for your kids
  • Check out our video for more information on why solar is the way to go!

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