• Save money on your electric bill right away
  • Lower rate than what you currently pay up to 60% savings
  • $0 Down and free installation is available nationwide 
  • Produce clean, green energy
  • Helping reduce global pollution and create a better tomorrow for your kids
  • Have your meter roll backwards (net-metering)
  • Renewable, green energy
  • Creating energy Independence for America
  • Support 175,000 industry jobs, more jobs than tech giants combined

How do I know if my home qualifies?

The best way to find out if your home qualifies for Solar is to ask yourself these 2 questions:
Do I have any trees surrounding my house that bring shade to the roof?
If the answer is no, this means that your roof gets plenty of sunlight every day without any shade restriction.
How is my roof shaped?
The preferred roof for a Solar system is one that has little to no angles, a simple roof is preferred. Speak to our Solar consultant to schedule an on-site visit..